Thursday, December 24, 2009

Week 9, 60k

Well, this week was right on track with increasing my total kilometers up to 60, hoping for 65 next week. I had to run at the gym again, trails were all snowed in, but weather later this week looks clear and I have off starting wednesday so I foresee a lot of running outside. Nothing much to note this week, pretty normal. Hint of pain in my right foot at the end of my 20k on Sunday, but nothing too bad and nothing that hurt during running, so its probably ok.
I noticed that my weight has come back to 69Kilograms, that is nice. Building some muscle!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Week 8 (55k)

Don't call it a come back, but this week I got 55k in and three visits to the gym. However that is not the most exciting part of the week. There are a number of more important things to mention. First off, I did my first "long" run at the gym with 15k, it was awful. I was sweating like hell, not used to warm runs anymore, and the treadmill, I think, does not accurately measure distance. I have run a lot of path runs outside around my house and nothing ever seems as hard as the treadmill, or as boring for that matter. I used my ipod for about an hour of it and also discovered that I cant breath against a beat very well so based on what I want my breathing pattern to be I need to find music with the correct timing, does that make sense? Like I usually breath in a 3/3 patter, but my ipod has music that is 4/4 time, so I only felt comfortable running a 2/2 breathing pattern when listening to the music, but I cant keep breathing that hard for more than a few minutes without feeling bad. So I guess I will have to find some 3/4 music, I think I read that Creedence was good for that.
I also used my REI coat and Mountain Hardwear gloves for the first time. Both of which JUST keep me warm enough, like, I am not overheating, but I am not cold. Unless I stop for a few minutes and then I start to get cold. This week its been cold in Aizu, just above freezing, but sometimes windy and rainy/snowy. Its tought running outside but I really hate running in the gym. Just got to watch for ice on the bridges.
Probably the most important thing to note this week is that, despite my ankle getting a little tight again, my runs are becoming easier. Like the first 15k I did this week outside, didnt feel the slightest bit tired until I got to about 7k. 7k without feeling tired at all, what the hell has happened to my body? I like it.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Week 7 (45k)

This week was good, and awful. Back from Hawaii I got back on track and did some miles...err... k's this week. That is mainly the good part, also that since Dan gave me two more pairs of shoes I have a couple more to kick around in. Still having some pain in my heal, but not as much. I have been icing it after runs and wearing a little heel pad I got at the local running gear store. So, feeling a bit better.
The awful part was that I failed at my long run this week. I ran everyday of the week, along with doing some gym work. On friday I did 5k and then upper body work. I was also battling a little cold. Saturday morning I got up and wanted to do 15k, so I put on the shoes and headed out the door. By 4k I could tell something was up. I just couldn't keep a good pace and my nose was running like crazy. For the mid 5k I headed into some hills. It was here that I died. I couldn't keep a good pace, my nose was running like crazy, and my chest and back were hurting. I decided to cut it short. At this point in a run, because its just training and not a real race, I decided it would be better to go home and lay down than to keep going. So I did, I went home and laid on the floor... for some time. Good news is, I feel better now and I am heading into another week feeling ready.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Weeks 4, 5, and 6 (40, 35, 20k)

The past three weeks have been very busy as I got ready to go to Hawaii to attend a friends wedding and get married myself. I feel lucky to have gotten in ANY running let alone get to write about it. I guess I will do my best to remember the past few weeks here and what happened during those weeks.
Currently my heel is hurting. I was having problems with my Achilles and those have largely gone, but now my heel is sore. I haven’t done any research yet, but intend to, and hopefully I can overcome that soon. The thing is, as I have found before, my injury doesn’t really hurt when I am running, its only after that it pains me. A few times I have even felt it during the night and in the morning when I had been off my feet for some time. Anyways, got to get on that.
I also got to meet up with my buddy Dan in Hawaii and he gave me some gels, two pairs of shoes, winter gloves, and a winter jacket for running. I also bought a pair of black running tights when I was in Tokyo on the way home. The jacket is REI, the gloves Mountain Hardwear, the tights… I cant remember the name, but Ichiro the baseball player was their ad guy and that was good enough for me. J
The race is now 3 months away, which means the serious training will now begin. I only foresee a small friction at the end of December as Aya and I will be doing a little bit of traveling, but overall as long as I don’t seriously hurt myself I should be able to amp up the miles to about 30 on the long run about 2 weeks before the race, then I plan to taper down a bit. Oh, one more bit of good news, after being missing for 3 months my ipod turned up in my buddy Richard’s car. Hello running mix tracks!