Sunday, February 21, 2010

week18, 42k

This week I am right on track for distance. Did a few shorter runs during the week, cross training Friday and a 16k on Saturday. I am getting anxious for next weekends run. Two things to talk about, my left leg. Ok, I guess that is only one, but there are two things wrong with it. First, my knee, which stopped me short 3 weeks ago, still feels funny. It hasn't stopped me since, but it never feels normal. I hope nothing comes of that. Second thing, my achilles is getting tight again. This is not such a worry, it seems to happen to me all the time, but this time its pretty stiff and has worked its way a little higher into my calf. There is also a sore spot this time too, not just general, like place I can put my finger on and push that is where it is tender. I guess this week I will just take it as easy as I can. By this point, training isn't going to do anything more for me. I just have to keep loose and well rested for next weekend. Fingers crossed.
Other than that I have been running outside more and more. The weather is getting good. It got above 10C today which is like... well, not that cold. I'm really looking forward to finishing the marathon, taking a week off, then getting back to some aikido, new training, and my trip to Australia and New Zealand (hiking!).

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week 17, 54k

This week’s running was fair. I did three straight days of 10, 10, and 12k with the usual mix of hills, fartlek, and easy running. Friday night moseyed along and I was planning for my Saturday morning long run when Aya told me that we had to get up to help her brother move at 9am. I knew that I would not be able to get in a morning run because to run/stretch/shower would take near to 3 hours and there was no way I was going to be able to wake up by 6am. It was around 10pm when she told me and I'd had a few beers. So Saturday I helped her brother move, was tired all day and didn’t get to eat lunch till 2pm by which time I was really hungry and I ended up stuffing my face with pizza. Fast forward 2 hours and the sun is soon to set. I am now home and quickly putting on my running gear so I can get in at least half my run before it gets dark. So I do 10k while it’s still light out, but it’s awful. Every 5 minutes I am pushing down pizza bile, freezing my butt off and tired. At 10k I say screw it and take a few steps toward home before I say screw that and run again, but only for another couple and then give up. I was just too tired. So Sunday, normally a short run day, I ended up doing the rest of my long run. I ended the week with enough distance to be happy, but a bit peeved my long run did not go well.

At the end of Sunday’s run that familiar tenderness in my knee returned. Again, I think it has to do with the road as I never get it on the treadmill. I guess I will just keeping plugging away at the road, weather is getting better for it, and hope that things work out. However, I think there is a distinct possibility that I will be 25 or so k into the marathon and have to give up because of a sore knee. That would really suck.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week 16, 65k

Yeah week 16! 65k is the most I have ever done in a week and the reason for that is I took the longest run I have done yet, 30k. No injuries this week, nothing special to report as far as gear. This week I lightly came back to full throttle after hurting my knee a bit last weekend out on the road. I am pretty sure it was the roads fault that I got hurt so I will be making more attempts at road running. I did 7k on the road this week and hope to get out for another 20 or so in the coming week. I can't expect to run the full marathon if my knee is getting tender at 20k.
Just a bit to note about the 30k, I think I am going to have to revise my estimated finish time. I got to 25k ok, right on schedule at about 2hrs 20min, but after that I started to get slow. Right below my butt my tendons where starting to get tight and give me trouble. Getting to 30 was hard and I did it right about at 3hrs, but that means that the 5k from 25-30 lasted almost 40 minutes. Thats no good. If I took that time I would be finishing the race at 4hrs and 30minutes or so. I think this is a realistic expectation. I wouldn't say I hit the wall, my legs were killing me and I wanted to stop running, but I wouldn't say that I was out of energy. I Just couldn't shake that pain in my legs. I guess in the next few weeks I will take special care to stretch out my hamstrings a few times a day, hopefully loosen that up.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week 15, 49k

This week’s running; a few things to talk about. I only did 49k this week and you are saying what? Only 49? and yes, you are correct that I was aiming for more. Let me give you the break down. During the week, as usual, I had some good medium runs at the gym. All of them around 12k. No problems there. New shoes are still good, old shoes back in rotation. Friday I had a birthday party, but still managed to get to the gym for an hour of lifting before hand. Saturday, once I had shaken off the previous night’s beer, was good. I was out ON THE ROAD by 12. Yes, the snow has slacked off enough that my paths are open. Joy.
So Saturday, which was my actual birthday, I went out for what I hoped to be a 20k run in the balmy 3 celcius weather with overcast skies and rain spitting on me. Despite the perfect weather I was feeling great. Do you have any idea what it feels like, after 6 weeks of treadmill running, to be liberated to the outdoors? It was awesome, happy birthday to me. Plus I had my REI OXT jacket which kept me mostly dry and mostly warm. Got a nice reminder of how hot I get running in winter gear and how cold I get if I stop even for a couple minutes. Thanks winter.
Unfortunately around 15k my left knee started to feel a bit of pain, so I stopped to walk for a bit, felt better and kept going… for about 2 minutes then had to walk again. I repeated this a couple times, each time thinking; ok, just working out a kink. Not so.
I ended up walking the last couple of kilometers and even that began to be a bit painful on the knee. So the rest of the day Saturday I spent keeping my leg up and keeping ice on and off (watched The Book of Eli). I'm pretty sure it has to do with switching from a soft surface treadmill to a hard surface road. In the next couple of weeks I will be forced to make my runs outside so I am fit enough to do the marathon on the road. Blessed be the road. Sunday and Monday felt ok, but I wasn’t taking any risks. I only counted 15k of that run because the last 5 were more like a run/walk/hobble. Here I am Tuesday, ran 5k today and feel ok. But hey, that’s this week. Not week 15.