Friday, April 29, 2011

Week 5

I just realized that I forgot to put a miles total for last week, but I don’t think I will go back and edit, it was too meager to matter much anyways. This week I was back on track, but also got some bad news. Once again I am aiming at a phantom race. The ½ marathon I was planning on doing in July was cancelled because it is about 70k from the nuclear power plants in Japan and well… So I was talking to my buddy who got me interested in it and he says he is now aiming for one in Nagano around the same time. Sounds nice, but Nagano is about 4 hours out of my way, so I am not sure if I will do it, but probably.

Another interesting thing this week is that I finally got a gym membership. After being out of the gym for 10 months I was back in this week and it felt great. I have a treadmill and a few small weights at home that I used over the winter, but going to a gym is like being a kid in a candy shop.

This week, 34k. 8k intervals, 5k race pace, 5k intervals, 3k jog, and 13k race pace.

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