Friday, May 20, 2011

week 8

Wow, I have been back at this for 8 weeks already? This week the total is a bit small but that was because of a long week last week, making this a short week. Monday I did my long run for last week because I was dragging all weekend. That left me dead on Tuesday, but I did go to the gym for upper body. Wednesday I was so sleepy all day and sore all over so i decided not to do anything. Thursday I had a 6k easy run and yesterday I went to the gym for some lower body. Today I knocked out 15k and tomorrow I will go to the gym for some upper body no matter what. I have the whole day with nothing to do so no matter how tired I will make it there. That leaves me with only 21k this week, but really that is not so bad. I only took one day off from exercise and I needed it. I have been working on a plan for my 1/2 in July and I got to say that the prescribed long runs are not the toughest thing to do. its the little varied runs where I kind of shrug and think, I can do that later. I need to stop doing that. 6k easy, 15k interval, 1 lower body workout, 2 upper body workouts. total 21k.

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